SF3 Rules and Expectations

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SF3 Rules and Expectations

Post by Militescriste on Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:31 pm

These are the expectations for the SF3 clan. Similar to the clan page, without the limited space... Smile

1. CHAT: Clean, Active and in English. For us to build a strong clan, we have to know each other. To know each other, we need to talk to each other. To intentionally NOT be active in the chat tells the elders and cos that you don't want to be a member of the clan. What does it mean to be active in chat? We don't mean talking about random things (that does happen and its okay). Talking about ways to make your base better, helping others to do the same, adding suggestions to clan conversations that take place, being an active member of the clan.

2. DONATIONS: We expect everyone to donate a minimum of 150 troops every season (2 weeks according to COC). We also expect you to work to keep your received troops and donated troops in a ration of 1:5. What does that mean? If you take your donations, multiply them by five, your received troops should be below that number. There will be exceptions, but that is an elder decision. If you are continually over that number, you are telling the elders that you don't want to be a member of the clan. If you still don't understand, talk to an elder.

>> We do not allow requests by level. It's unfair to ONLY ask for level troops you cannot produce yourself. Most of the time, its best to ask for something you can't make and something you can make (ex. Hounds or archers). It's also so that all members can get their donations in without the challenge of people asking for higher level troops than the donator actually has. Good default troops to donate are archers and minions. HOWEVER, if they ask specifically for something (i.e. Wizards) make sure you ask them directly before donating something else.

EXCEPTION: We have members called SLEEPERS. These are members listed as Elders and Cos who are on a break from SF2. They will most likely show 0 donations/0 received. They will not be removed, as they are resting from SF2. All sleepers from SF2 are exempt from Donation expectations.

3. PROMOTIONS: There are two types of promotions in our clan. CLAN PROMOTIONS and STAFF PROMOTIONS...
-- CLAN PROMOTIONS: If you are a team player: You work hard to build a strong base and donate well...you help your clan mates... the elders and co's are always watching. When they feel you have made serious progress, they can recommend to the leadership of SF2 that you be permitted to join. To be a member of SF2 is a great honor! SF2 is also a warring clan. They do wars two times a week. Your role in the clan will change, as more will be expected from you.
--STAFF PROMOTIONS: Sometimes, your base is not growing as fast and as strong as you (or we) would like. Yet, we, the elders and cos, see that you work hard, are a team player, donate well above the expectation and are very active in chat. These are the people we look for in leadership. These are the people we promote to Elder. Elder is a very important role. You take a more active place in the clan to help others grow, their skills in battle or their bases, you become an active part of decisions made for the clan, and you are more concerned about the clan and your clan mates than about yourself. This is Elder material, and this is what we look for in promotion.

If you can do these two things, Chat well and Donate well, you will do well here. We are about loyalty, friendliness, helpfulness and some craziness to make it fun. Be apart of the Swiss Frank family, Clash well, Clash often!


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